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| AACI Guest Speaker: Akiva Gersh

Sharon Victor     Marmorek
Thursday, 05 March 10:40 AM

AACI  Serving the English-Speaking Community in Israel

Becoming Israeli: The Journey After Making Aliyah”

Guest speaker: AKIVA GERSH

AKIVA GERSH will speak about his own personal journey of making Aliyah and acclimating to life in Israel, as well as about his book “Becoming Israeli: The Hysterical, Inspiring and Challenging Sides of Making Aliyah”, a compilation of 40 essays contributed by olim, with many written by Akiva himself, who also edited the book. 

He will share his fascination (some call it a healthy obsession) with the story of Aliyah and why he believes it’s one of the most important and inspiring stories of our times.

Akiva’s book will be available for sale after the lecture.

 Wednesday, 25th March at 7:30pm. (Lecture will begin promptly at 7:30pm.) *Doors will open at 7:00pm.*

 Limited seating, registration and pre-payment essential.

 Members: NIS 40.  Non-members: NIS 60.

 Click here to purchase tickets on-line

 AACI, 9 Marmorek (corner 39 Bilu), Tel Aviv (Press “0” in elevator)

 Akiva made Aliyah in 2004 with his wife Tamar and they live in Pardes Hanna with their four children. He teaches Israel Studies and Jewish History. He is also a musician and in 2010 formed Holy Land Spirit, an uplifting and spiritual musical experience for Christian groups visiting Israel. He received his BA in Religious Studies from Brown University and his MA in Jewish Education from Yeshiva University.

 **Praise for Akiva’s book**:

1. “This wonderful collection from the new generation of Western olim (immigrants) deserves to be widely read among all who care about Israel. Funny, profoundly moving, at once intensely personal and generational, these are voices that need to be heard and amplified in Jewish life. They are the light that is coming out of Zion.” (Michael Oren)

 2. “Each voice in this book is a vital expression of faith in the Jewish state. We are Israelis by choice, rather than by birth or force of circumstance. Each of us, simply by leaving the safety and prosperity of our countries of origin, has proven the depth of the Jewish people's love for this land. However few our numbers, we are an indispensable affirmation of the rightness of the Jewish return home.” (Yossi Klein Halevi)






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