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| CompuTip Short Guide to Staying at Home R-311

Ami Raz    
Sunday, 15 March 7:55 AM

Here is a short guide to my current Janglo tips that might be useful if you are stuck at home:

More Freebies From The Library Of Congress J-295

You can download and view curated Digital Collections from the Library of Congress.  The collections include: books, newspapers, manuscripts, prints and photos, maps, musical scores, films, sound recordings and more that are believed to be in the public domain. 

Freebies4U - All Work And No Play J-272

More than 2500 free DOS-based games were recently added to the Internet Archive recently.  🂡 

IsraeLifeTip - Download FREE Coloring Books J-216

Entertaining children or grandchildren?  Like to do artwork? 📗

Download and print coloring books for free.    

FREEBIES4U - Learn To Type: Hebrew Or English J-087

Learn to type (for free).   ⌨  

Many of the computer learn-to-type programs show you what to do, beep when you make a mistake, play inspirational background music, and give you instant statistics about your mistakes and typing speed.  Some of them even include typing games and customized lessons that are created to address your weak points.  Below is a list of several free programs and sites.

Freebies4U - Right Your Novel UPDATED J-125

Here is a FREE program to help you get your novel right:  📚  

Freebies4U - Kids At Home #3 J-255

Kids at home?  🚀 

Here's another cool project - find the 10 best space photos and video clips.

CompuTip - Get Win 7 Games For Win 10 J-277

Do you miss the simple, off-line games in Windows 7?  🎴 

What About Your Family Tree? J-308

Each of my kids had a family tree project in grade school. 🌳

Here is a site with 377 family tree templates that can be downloaded and printed.  They are all free -- in PDF format.  

Best Wishes,
Ami Raz - Computer Solutions
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