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Ami Raz    
Friday, 06 July 7:43 AM
Ever receive an email from someone you know -- without a subject? 

When you open the email, it contains  a link without any explanation.  Usually, this is an email from a hacked account that includes your email address in its list of contacts.  DON'T click on the link.  If possible, contact the sender to warn them -- but NOT BY EMAIL.  Then delete (or purge) the email and clean your trash folder -- to make sure that you don't click on the link by mistake.

How did an email account get hacked?

Typically, the password or security questions were guessed by a hacker program.  Or the email owner has a malicious program in their computer.  Or they visited a malicious website.  Or used their computer on a public WIFI account without using the HTTPS website prefix or using a VPN program to secure the account. 

Write me for more info about a free VPN program that will prompt you to set up a secure connection -- whenever needed.

What to do if your email has been hacked?

Change your password.  Change your security questions.  Go over all your account information to make sure that it hasn't been changed.  In particular, check your alternate email address and mobile phone number.  If you can't login to your account, use the appropriate "I've Lost my Password" steps.  If the email account is a for-pay account, the email provider can verify your identity by checking your credit card.  

Once you gain access to your account, change your password, security questions, and check all of your account information.


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