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| Essential APP for Emergency Contact Numbers in Israel

Friday, 31 August 1:34 AM

Whether you live in Israel, or you are a visitor, you need the ability to be able to contact various EMERGENCY SERVICES immediately! Whether it is a medical emergency, or the need for Police or Fire assistance, this APP will connect you to help simply and efficiently.

SOS Israel was designed to help you QUICKLY contact a variety of local emergency services anywhere in Israel. This free app affords you the easiest access to:


·         Hatzalah  (United Hatzalah, Israel’s emergency medical response)

·         Ambulance (Magen David Adom)

·         Police

·         Fire

·         Home Front Command  (Information and assistance during military conflict, earthquake, or other national disasters)

·         My Personal Contact*


(*My Personal Contact will allow you to self-program the phone number for any additional person or service. For example, a spouse, a child, a parent, a friend or neighbor, a doctor, etc., who you might need to contact in an emergency.)


This app was designed to be so SIMPLE that it can be used by children and seniors, and everyone in between.

A helpful feature of the app is that upon tapping the Call Button for the emergency service you wish to call, you will be shown a Google Map with your location and address which can be communicated to the emergency service. Also, you receive latitudinal and longitudinal coordinates which will identify the caller’s location if lost walking, on a hike, or in your car.


This emergency call app requires internet connection and access to the GPS receiver to work properly.The accuracy of the determined location depends on the quality of the GPS receiver on your device.


SOS Israel is available for free download from The App Store (iphone) and from The Play Store (android devices). Our hope is that everyone in Israel will have this app available, but that no one will ever need to use it.

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