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| IsraeLifeTip - Apples And Honey T169

Ami Raz    
Sunday, 09 September 8:58 AM


Apples 🍏 are great, especially green apples.  But they also regularly make the lists of most pesticide-ridden produce in the US and Israel.  My suggestion – buy organic, whenever possible.  Or soak the non-organic apples in one part salt and nine parts water and then wash them thoroughly to remove wax and pesticides -- as much as possible.  And don’t peel them.


As for honey 🍯, one of my bi-cultural, bi-lingual, quasi-vegan friends calls it bee kee (bee = English, kee = Hebrew).  Some vegans claim that bee honey comes from bee stomachs and consuming it is the same as consuming dairy products or eggs – there are cruelty-to-animal issues.  And it seems that the dvash mentioned in the Torah actually refers to date honey, known in Israel as silan.


As for the nutritional benefits, there’s a lot of controversy.   Some people claim that honey is basically sugar and has the same deleterious effects on our health.  Other people claim that honey includes vitamins and essential amino acids.


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