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| Updated: 77 Free and Useful Android Applications

Jacob Richman    
Sunday, 14 June 7:52 PM
Hi Everyone!

I updated my list of free and useful Android applications.
The list has 77 free and useful applications that I recommend. 
Several of the programs are completely free, some are supported 
by ads and some have ad-free paid versions. 
I use the free versions. 

After each application description is a link to its download page. 
Note to Apple users: Many of these applications are also 
available for Apple iOS devices.

I am not connected or know any of the developers / owners.
There are no affiliate links or advertising on my page.

My new additions include:
- Vision Code Scanner
- Bible Search - Hebrew text
- Hebrew Calendar - Jewish Calendar
- Scrabble Go - set to Scrabble Classic mode 
- Animal Sounds
- Scratch Junior
- PhotoLayers
- Background Eraser
- Personal Stickers
- Mandala Coloring Pages
- Jigsaw Puzzles Legends
- Find the Differences
- Draw Bricks
- Chess Free
- Reversi Free
- Backgammon Free
- Lunar Lander

Feedback is welcome.

If there is a free, useful app that you use, recommend, and
is not listed, please send me the app name and Google Play Store link and 
I will consider it for a future update.

Please share. Many of your friends and relatives will appreciate
learning about these useful apps. 
Thank you!

Have a good, safe and healthy week.
Shavua Tov,


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