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| VP Business Development, US     Hod Hasharon
Sunday, 07 July 10:17 AM

You will be developing and growing multifaced strategic relationships with utilities & energy companies, vehicle makers, vehicle fleet operators, integrators and other business & technology partners. These relationships will allow cultivation and generation of deal flow resulting in numerous software revenue streams.

Responsibilities for the position will include understanding industry trends and needs relative to EV charging infrastructure, service vehicle charging, energy management, fleet, and new technologies. You will work closely with teams within Driivz and at customers to close deals resulting in long-term partnerships.


  • An authority EV Charging ecosystem, trends, and technologies.
  • Develop strong relationships with key people within each customer’s organization.
  • Identify business opportunities across a full spectrum of customers while developing a business case for executing such opportunities.
  • Helps create and communicate value propositions for Driivz platform and services.
  • Identify and close deals resulting in long-term supply and software.
  • Will position Driivz as a strategic supplier and emphasize the company’s superior value proposition, while developing offers to satisfy the needs of such strategic customers.
  • Assesses the priority of projects and scope of work, in conjunction with senior management to resolve whether changes need to be made.
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