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| Marketing Guru Needed

Alex Medjuck     Remotely
Friday, 11 October 1:00 AM

We’re Ads Done Right, a marketing company based in New Jersey that specializes in Digital and Social Media Marketing, and we need an amazing person with a good marketing head to join our team! 

This Job is mostly on Est Time 11am to 5pm, Sunday-Thursday.
This job does allow flexibility from time to time that will allow you to do a lot of the work am Israeli time, on the weekends etc. 

Tasks will include:

Helping come up with a marketing strategy based on what our clients needs are and seeing them through to execution including being involved in the below:

• Content curation (finding content for our various accounts that we manage based on our content strategy for them)

•Basic photo editing 

•Graphic design and graphic design editing

•Video editing

•Video creation (text-based video)

•Content writing

•Content scheduling on social media

•Proposal creation

•Project management (finding and project managing various contractors)

• Account Management- Reaching out to clients to get the information we need and getting their feedback and approval

We’re looking for someone that is a problem solver, someone that takes initiative and that is responsible.

We’re an agency that under promises and over delivers. Prove to us that hiring you would be a match in Heaven! 

If you get hired, you’ll be hired directly under our CEO, Alex Medjuck. We believe in giving chances to anyone who has the desire and drive to learn.

Tell us why you're a long term player in your response and make a one minute video demonstrating you've read these details carefully. It can be up to 4 minutes if you'd like. Reply with that url in your message. Do not read a script, but do prepare thoughts.

We expect that you, like the others in our program, will level up and continue to increase their salary over time. As you're more productive, you deserve to earn more.
We will give you a Chanukah Bonus, too.

Looking forward to hearing from you and how you fit this description!

Pay is between $15-$25 based on experience.


 Include the subject line “BEAVER” in your response. 


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