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Ami Raz    
Tuesday, 07 May 6:15 AM


Here are three “legitimate” reasons that you might want to hide

your Internet activities: 

1. Check your social media profiles – what does your profile look like to other people?

2. Keeping secrets on shared computers – are you searching the Net for a special birthday gift?

3. Unbiased searches – Google, YouTube and Twitter store information about you which influence their search results.

Here’s my own addition to the list above:

4. Temporarily neutralize problematic browser addins. Private browsing turns off all of the toolbars, extensions and addins that have been added to your browser. This is useful if you are having problems with your browser.

How to start private browsing:

Internet Explorer and MS Edge – open an InPrivate browsing window with CTRL+Shift+P

Chrome - open an incognito window with CTRL+Shift+N

Firefox - open a private browsing window with CTRL+Shift+P

Here is an article with more detailed information about how to start private browsing.


Private browsing is not fail-safe. There are “holes” in the privacy features which allow some of your private activities to be discovered. But using the methods above makes it much more difficult to view Internet activities. Click here for more info about the limitations of private browsing.

Super-private browsing

One of the options for even more private browsing is to use an anonymizer program. These programs are also useful if you need to hide your location in order to access Internet content (music, videos, etc.) that is limited to the US or the UK. For more info, write me for my free “Short Guide to Anonymizing.”

Best Wishes,
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