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| CompuTip - What is Synesthesia? Ask Google J08

Ami Raz    
Sunday, 06 January 6:45 AM

Have a question?  Ask Google.  


Here are a few questions that Google can answer:  How much are 27 inches in centimeters?  Is flight LY 316 on time?  What does "synesthesia" mean?  How do you translate "transference" into Hebrew?  How much is 100 GBP in NIS?  What time is 14:15 London in Jerusalem?  Google to the rescue! 

For the answers, try typing the following kinds of "questions" into your Google search box (followed by ENTER):

27" in cm

52 lbs in kg

84 X 102

LY 316

define synesthesia (I just heard an entire podcast about this - AR)

transference in Hebrew

translate ממשק

Hawaii time

14:15 London in Jerusalem 

100 GBP in NIS

Best free * for windows

What does the * mean?

The * is a wildcard.  It’s like a joker in cards.  Google accepts wildcards within quotes.

What if you can't type in Hebrew?

You can cut and paste ממשק or any other Hebrew word.

Want to check out all of the other Google search tips and tricks?

What else can you do with the built-in Google calculator?

20 Google search shortcuts

 Email me for my "Short Guide to Searching in Hebrew without Typing"

 Hope this is useful.

Best Wishes,
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