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| Video: New Trends in Holocaust Research with Rav Benny Kalmanson

Yosele Y    
Thursday, 24 May 12:09 AM


This Friday at Oz veGaon with


Rav Benny Kalmanson 


On Friday, the 25th of Nisan, April 21st at 9:00 a.m., in preparation for Holocaust and Heroism Remembrance Day, Rav Benny Kalmanson, head of the Otniel Yeshiva, gave a talk at Oz veGaon on the topic: New Trends in Holocaust Research

Rav Kalmanson, in addition to his role as head of a yeshiva, also serves as a member of Yad Vashem’s Pedagogical Council of the School for Holocaust Education. He is a regular guide for youth trips to Poland, a lecturer at Herzog College in Hasidism and the history of Judaism in Eastern Europe.

He owns a small lump of chalk that was found near the city of Konin in northwest Poland, where the Germans established a station to experiment on efficient killing by the use of lime pits. Rav Kalmanson brought the lump of lime to be examined by a laboratory and it was found that it contains the DNA of a Jew.

Rav Kalmanson was one of the first students of Rav Shagar.

A lecture not to be missed.

The lecture was in Hebrew with simultaneous translation to English.

For Transportation to our Friday lecture series: SMS or call Renee 052-3294194 until 1 pm Thursday.


:The link to the Women in Green youtube channel with all our lectures 


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