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| VIDEO: Aryeh King on Jerusalem after 50 Year, Where Will We Be In Another 50 Years?

Yosele Y    
Wednesday, 09 January 1:19 PM
Aryeh King at Oz veGaon

We have entered the period of “the three weeks” (between the 17 of Tammuz and Tisha BeAv). Jerusalem is under siege, surrounded, embattled; they still did not believe that the worst could happen, it happens, but also there are those who return to her, after wandering, suffering, prayers, and lamentations.


And here we are, in Jerusalem, looking forward.


Arieh King a Jerusalemite, and a courageous fighter gave a lecture at Oz veGaon on Friday, the 20th of Tammuz, July 14th, on the topic: Jerusalem after 50 Years – Where Will We be 50 Years From Now?


The lecture is in Hebrew.

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