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Ami Raz    
Monday, 11 March 11:48 AM

 You may want Internet access through Bezeq.  Is that a reason to keep your Bezeq phone line? 


NO !!!  Bezeq now offers  a bundle which includes Tashtit (infrastructure) and an ISP (Internet Service Provider) for 89-110 NIS a month WITHOUT requiring a land-line subscription. 

If you need a Bezeq line for faxing (and as a backup for the cellphone system), you can  get a Kav Kal for 25.10 NIS a month and 25.11 agorot per minute for outgoing calls.  I checked prices on January 25, 2019.

When I came on Aliyah, you had to wait 2-3 years to get a land line.  Now we have cell phones, internet-based phone lines, and phone lines that use the HOT cable system.  Do you still need a land line?

Here are the pros and cons of having a land line:

The pros:


  1. It's harder to send and receive faxes without a land line. Email me for my "Short Guide to Sending Faxes."  It provides options for sending and receiving faxes without a Bezeq land line. 

  2. I keep my land line as a backup - in case the cell phones aren't working. This actually happened to me twice in the past few years.  Once was when there were too many people trying to use the cell phone system at the same time - during the Tsuk Eitan war.

  3. I found some numbers couldn't be reached on my cell phone, only on my land line.

  4. There may be health issues associated with the cell phone radiation.  Land lines are safer.

  5. The land line will work even if there is an electrical blackout since it has its own power supply.

  6. A minimal phone plan (kav kal) currently costs 25 NIS a month.

 The cons:  

  1.  It costs at least 25.10 NIS a month. 
The bottom line:  
  1. You can get rid of your Bezeq phone line and save.  You can still get a package which includes internet access through Bezeq. 

  2. If you need occasional internet use on your computer, you can set up a personal hot spot on your cell phone (aka tethering).  Call or email me for more information.

  3. You can also get standard internet access through Bezeq for your computer.  Best is to contact one of the ISP companies for a deal which includes access through Bezeq.  You will need to buy a modem/router or rent one from your ISP company.

 For more information on current deals, click here .

The site above is in Hebrew.  If this is a problem, for Chrome:  right-click on a blank area on the web page and then choose Translate.  For Firefox, I suggest using the Simple Translate add-on.  
Best Wishes,

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