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| How to Browse Photos on Your Computer for the Best Viewing Experience

Judah S. Harris    
Tuesday, 07 May 10:19 AM
If you have a lot of photos in a given folder on your computer and you want to view them as a slideshow, there’s an easy way to do so. You have an option of available viewers, but the most common for Windows users is Windows Photo Viewer. I’ll share the steps that are involved.
It’s not hard at all, but not everyone is familiar - and I find that sometimes people are opening photos one by one to view them. That’s not ideal at all. For instance, I will send 250 or 350 photos from an event I photographed and people download them and then are not sure what to do. I’d like people to enjoy viewing my photography in a seamless manner, experience the coverage I provided of their event in a visual presentation that is immersive and fullscreen.
- Judah S. Harris Photographer and Filmmaker
Here’s what to do...
  1. Download the zipped folder of images that have been transferred to you online, or given over on a drive
  2. Extract All (look for button near the top of the computer screen in the Windows browser and press "extract all")
  3. Images are now in a folder of same name in the Download folder, unless you specified an alternate location
  4. You should move the folder of images to a place on your computer to keep them, and back up to an additional location on an external drive for safekeeping (even a third place)
  5. To view images, right click on first photo image file (or any photo you want to continue from, if you’ve already viewed some) and click "Open With," then choose a viewer (e.g., Windows Photo Viewer)
  6. Once open in Windows Photo Viewer, hit F11 for fullscreen viewing, then right click on the image on screen and press "pause" to proceed at your own pace with the slides, using the right and down arrows to navigate forward, the other two to navigate backwards
  7. You can exit fullscreen by right clicking on the image and clicking Exit, or by using a shortcut - pressing the Control key and L at the same time
"When event photography is real good and when it’s presented well, it puts the viewer right there in the room, actively partaking of all the emotion and meaning of the experience. The event ended days, weeks, months ago - but it’s certainly not over."

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