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| Amazing products for Pesach at Chagiga!

Adina Duchanov    
Sunday, 31 March 11:23 AM

Chagiga in Katamon has a great selection of items for Pesach!

-Pesach stickers including Chametz / Kosher L'Pesach stickers

-Huge variety of decorative napkins (including special Pesach styles)    *SALE! 3 ply decorative napkins -the 4th pack free! (codes 752, 845)!

-Large and varied selection of Chad Peami including all types and price ranges

-Heavy duty tinfoil pans plus covers in many sizes

-Disposable POTS, foil burner covers, tinfoil in a variety of sizes and thickness (including extra thick for counters)

-Great options for covering shelves and drawers

-Disposable plastic containers with covers in all sizes including GLAD sets

-Lock&Lock original containers in a large variety of sizes including bottles and "oven to table" glass baking dishes with plastic lock on covers

-Variety of kitchen utensils

-Variety of serving trays, bowls and dishes

-Fancy "look like real" disposable plate sets, silverware, fancy disposable cups and wine cups

-Large variety of tablecloths

-Cut Foil sheets for Shabbat/Chag, special Shabbat sponges

-Tea lights, lampoils in all colors + holders, Yortzeit candles

-Shabbat lamps in a variety of colors plus travel size, great to take with you for the holiday season

-Zippered/ Re-closeable bags in many sizes

-Clorox Wipes, Bounty paper towels, Cleaning gloves without powder special for Pesach

-Variety of hangers

-Great Afikoman presents!!! Great Games, Toys, Puzzles, coloring books, Arts & Crafts and More!!!

And much, much more...


Pesach hours:

Erev Chag (April 19th) we will be open until 12:30pm 

During Chol Hamoed we will be open the following days:

Wednesday, April 24th  9:00am - 1pm and Thursday, Erev Chag Shaeni, April 25th  8:30am – 1pm

 (Closed Sunday – Tuesday, Chol Hamoed, April 21 – 23)

Chag Sameach!

Mivtzah Kadesh 4, Katamon (at the corner of Palmach street)  FREE Parking available on all adjacent streets.  Bus stop across the street.


Like our Facebook page “חגיגה Chagiga ” for new products and updates!

Yehudis Schamroth, Acupuncturist and Herbalist
Ramat Beit Shemesh

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