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| Video of Caroline Glick & Anarchist Assault on Oz v’Gaon Foiled by Police

Yosele Y    
Sunday, 07 April 3:17 AM
Dear Friends
We were delighted to see yesterday morning that the army planned to stop the extreme Left’s provocation and not allow them to come anywhere near Oz veGaon.
We thank the IDF and the more than 100 people who answered the call and came to Oz veGaon, among them Ari Fuld’s HY”D parents and also Naava Livne’s z”l parents who just got up from Shiva and told us that Naava z”l would have wanted them to come – we thank you for the responsibility and care and the efforts to prevent the illegal takeover of our land.
We thank Caroline Glick for coming on such short notice.
Yehudit and Nadia

Anarchist Assault on Oz v’Gaon Foiled by Police


The approximately thirty anarchists who arrived outside the Oz v’Gaon nature park in Gush Etzion on Friday morning, discovered that their plans had been foiled by Israeli police and the IDF.

Caroline Glick speaks at Oz v'Gaon. Feb. 8, 2019
Border Police protect the Oz v’Gaon park from anarchists. Feb. 8, 2019

The anarchists had hoped to bring in Arabs from a nearby village and destroy an access road leading to the park by planting trees in the middle of the road. Police did not let them near the area.

The anarchists ended holding a protest inside the nearby Arab village of Beit Fajr.

Within the Oz v’Gaon nature park, some one hundred Gush Etzion residents toured the park and listened to a lecture by Caroline Glick, who is now running for election in Naftali Bennett’s New Right party.

Glick spoke about promoting Israeli sovereignty over Area C, and how ludicrous the situation is, where a question can even be raised about the legality of Oz v’Gaon, which is indisputably located on state land.

Regarding elections, Glick said it was important that the New Right gets as many mandates as it can, as Netanyahu will be the Prime Minister, and the right needs to make sure he heads up a rightwing coalition.

The Oz v’Gaon nature park was established by Nadia Matar and Yehudit Katsover in response to the murder of the three boys.


The people of Oz veGaon sought to sit in peace but Ishmael's rage assailed them

After four and a half years of Zionist education and tourism work done at Oz veGaon, the anti-Israel organization called "Combatants for Peace" have called upon their activists to come this coming Friday,

February 8, 2019, to plant trees in the soil of Oz veGaon in protest against "the settlers that have opened an access road to the Oz veGaon outpost on land of the village of Beit Omar" according to their words, and to "oppose the daily, creeping annexation of Area C by the racist Right".

"No to annexation of Area C – block the access road to the Oz veGaon outpost" is the name of the event.

Of course, it is all lies.

The land of Oz veGaon is approximately 300 dunams (about 74 acres), it is state land zoned for the construction of vacation cottages. The “Taba” zoning permit was temporarily delayed in order to undergo small changes because of "the fence" that was supposed to be placed there. Yaron Rosenthal, principal of the Kfar Etzion Field School, prevented the construction of the fence by his great dedication.

"The new access road to the outpost" as defined by the provocateurs who plan to come on Friday, is not a road, is not new and is not on the land of Beit Omar village.

This is an escape route on state lands, within the blue line of Oz veGaon that we were forced to open after Arabs, on the evening of last Tisha B'Av, threw a Molotov cocktail at the preserve. The bottle set a tree on fire and only thanks to the quick action of the fire department, the fire did not spread and a disaster was prevented. If they had not managed to control the fire, tens of trees would have been set on fire, the entire main entrance would have been blocked and the people in the preserve would not have been able to escape. Professionals urged us to create a way to escape besides the main entrance. This is what we did. Unfortunately, the Civil Administration stopped the work and if Heaven forbid, another fire breaks out, there is still no finished escape route.

It is this path that has so enraged the Arabs and the Jews of the Combatants for Peace. The text of their announcement is attached below.

We will be there this coming Friday at Oz veGaon to prevent the continuing Arab takeover of area C.

We will organize an event in honor of the new month of Adar, which is now upon us.

We will meet this coming Friday,  February 8, 2019, at 9:45 am at the Ari Fuld Observation Point in Oz veGaon (near the antenna).

In the program: A lecture by Caroline Glick at the Ari Fuld Observation Point.

We pray that with the help of the Almighty and of the security forces, the event will turn around become like is written in  the verse in Megillat Esther

"They will control those who hate them".

We will all be there!

To Register For Transportation from JerusalemSMS or call Renee 054 710 3240 

Yehudit Katsover and Nadia Matar,

Oz veGaon


The call by “Combatants for Peace”:

Combatants for Peace

What can be done against racism and the Right?

Come this Friday, 8.2, to two events that we will stage together with our Palestinian partners in Combatants for Peace.

Thwarting the access road to the Oz VeGaon outpost// 10:00 in the morning: No to annexation of Area C

Recently, a new access road was opened to the Oz VeGaon on the lands of the village of Beit Ummar. This Friday we will come to plant trees on this access road together with the village residents, with the objective of perpetuating the ownership of the village residents over the lands and the right to cultivate them. We will thereby express non-violent opposition to the daily, creeping annexation of Area C.

We will meet at 10:00 in the morning at the Oz hill, where we will hear from the local residents about the day-to-day reality in the village, and together we will plant the trees.

The activity will end at 13:00.

Bring a hat, water, work clothes, closed shoes, and a snack. If you have gloves and tools, we will be glad if you write your name on them and bring them.

If there is sufficient registration, we will organize transportation.

Participation is open to all, but contingent on prior registration via the attached form.


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