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| PHOTO ESSAY: Dance for Kindness

Judah S. Harris    
Sunday, 17 March 7:13 PM
A worldwide flash mob dance event is held each November, and this year Jerusalem was the designated flagship city. 

The  Dance for Kindness idea was fostered by Orly Wahba, a 37-year-old woman from Brooklyn presently living in Israel. It began in 2012 and now takes place in 50 countries around the world at 120 locations - the same dance steps, same song to dance to (this year's was "Unity" by The Solomon Brothers), same orange tee-shirts... 

In a just-published photo essay by photographer and filmmaker Judah S. Harris, you'll be able to  observe the practice session and then the actual dance (with additional scenes of a concert that followed)

SUGGESTION: Try to view this presentation on a computer and not a smartphone for the best viewing experience. After the photo essay images, you'll be able to watch the viral video "Kindness Boomerang" that Orly directed in 2011, which propelled her kindness organization, Life Vest Inside, into the minds of so many around the world. Viral, in this case, means 30M views to date. 

Let's dance!


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