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| Using coupons in Israel

Lissa Jeri    
Monday, 01 April 11:37 AM
Don't make any assumptions how coupons work in Israel.  Businesses do not necessarily accept what (at least) Americans would consider a valid coupon.  

Many coupons have (extremely) small print which says that any changes of conditions on their website supersede what the coupons says.  For example, we recently had a valid by date coupon for a bakery product and drink.  The valid location refused to honor it, saying they stopped participation in the coupon a month before.  They said we should have checked the website first.

Another incident involved a coupon which, when printed out, had a "good until" date that was different from the offer online.  Of course, with an American kopf, we "knew" that a valid coupon superseded anything we might have misread when we purchased the coupon. (It was impossible to go back to the offer to verify what the conditions and date were).  When we went to use the coupon, the business said that they had not agreed to the offer in the first place.  When we went back to the coupon vendor, we were told that the coupon itself is meaningless.  The only thing that is valid is what is stated in the offer...which, again, we and they could not verify after the fact.  They refused to refund the money we paid.  This was an expensive 300nis mistake.

So Americans...and fellow Anglos if you can relate to coupon usage from your country....beware!  Make sure that when you buy a coupon, or receive one that you are planning to depend on, you are willing to have it all go wrong and lose what you spent.

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