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Monday, 20 January 9:23 PM


House fires dramatically increase during the cold weather months. In fact, insurance companies and fire departments actually prepare for more fires during December, January and February. Overloading circuits in winter is common. According to experts, your clothes dryer is the most frequent cause of fires from electrical overloads. Every year, clothes dryers start approximately 2,900 house fires in the US.

Never risk your safety!

Your strongest line of defense against any type of home fire is an evacuation plan. Evacuate immediately and call the fire department.

Know the Signs If a Fire is Starting– Smoke, a burning odor, popping sounds or excessive heat are all cause for alarm.

If you choose not to evacuate (not recommended)

1. Don’t Open the Dryer - It can be hot enough to burn your hand. Opening it feeds oxygen, risking exposure to carbon monoxide, flames and toxic smoke from burning synthetic materials.

2. Extinguish the Fire - Use a technician-recommended ABC extinguisher to put out the dryer fire using the Home Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s P.A.S.S. technique. The following explains exactly how to use a fire extinguisher!

P – Pull the extinguisher pin with a firm, smooth motion.
A – Aim low, and point the nozzle at the fire’s base.
S – Squeeze the lever firmly to release extinguishing compounds.
S – Sweep and spray from side to side along the fire’s base.

3. Unplug the Dryer- If you’re certain you’ve put out the fire, unplug the unit from the outlet. If connections might be damaged, don’t disconnect the dryer.

4. Make a Safe Exit - As you leave the laundry room, close the door behind you. This helps contain flames from an outbreak if smoldering materials should reignite. Turn all electricity off in an outside fuse box.

5. Stay Safe After the Fire - Immediately have your home’s electrical system inspected by a licensed electrician. He or she can fix wiring in areas adjacent to the fire. Leave heavy smoke and soot removal to restoration specialists.

Helpful Backdrop…How Do Fires Start?

When you clean your dryer’s lint filter, you eliminate a fire hazard. The fluffy stuff is highly combustible. Most clothes dryer fires are started by lint accumulated around hot motor components but there are other causes.

• Dryer vent fires result from lint buildup inside vent turns and bends.

• A bad heating element can reach temperatures that ignite a clothes dryer fire.

• Leave a clearance between a wall and dryer so components will not overheat.

• Flexible duct extenders made from thin foil or plastic are fire hazards.

How Can I Prevent a Dryer Fire?

• Remove the flammable stuff after every drying cycle.

• Keep a technician-recommended 5-pound ABC fire extinguisher (for paper, wood, textiles, plastics, liquids and electrical equipment) within easy reach of the clothes dryer.

• Have dryer vents professionally inspected and cleaned yearly. Ask him or her to check the size and location for optimum safety.

• Pay attention to changes like prolonged drying times or overheating.

• Don’t run the clothes dryer if you plan on leaving the house or going to bed.

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Be safe and enjoy the winter!

Warmest blessings to everyone,

Chaya Malka, Director

Chaya Malka Burn Foundation
Hotline: 972 587 627 954

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Copyright © Chaya Malka Burn Foundation, All rights reserved.

Disclaimer: This information is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.


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