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| Partner Communications "Gift" Scam

Sunday, 27 January 7:21 PM
I recently was offered a free "gift" from Partner for being a loyal customer for over 7 years. When asked, more than once, if this "gift" was free, they replied yes. We accepted delivery of the gifts (a dashboard camera and a home monitoring camera) only to receive via email an invoice charging for each device NIS 1,076.40 over 36 payments. Worse than this, the item (which I sourced out as costing approximately US$38.00 wholesale) was billed at NIS 899 and they charge 13% interest to bring the total amount to 1,076.40. No mention of any of this was made by Partner's representative over the phone.

They have been sued and fined for this same behaviour previously in 2016.

Has anyone else experienced this from Partner communication recently? I am interested in initiating another class action lawsuit against Partner Communications if there are enough people affected by this scam. Furthermore, I am filing a complaint with the Fair Trade Authority. Link here: הרשות להגנת הצרכן ולסחר הוגן | פנייה לרשות להגנת הצרכן ולסחר הוגן

Please contact me through Janglo if you have also been subjected to this scam. You may have to check your statements from Partner or your bank account for increased payments to Partner via autodebit as they are not forthcoming about the payment and outright lie to misrepresent their scam.

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