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| Looking for a Male caregiver part time/full time    
Thursday, 07 March 3:20 AM
posting for a friend so please reply to her email address

My 92 year old father hopes to come on aliya at the beginning of April. Initially he will be staying with us, in Efrat. After a few weeks, (after Pesach), he plans to move to an apartment in Jerusalem.

My father will require a Male  part time care (an English speaking "Israeli"), while he is living with us, in Efrat. He will need a Male foreign caregiver in order to move to his apartment in Jerusalem.

I would appreciate it if you would pass this on to any of your contacts  and chat groups. You may contact me either at or 050-874-3942. 

Thank you,

Suzie Friedman

Philip Stein & Associates
Jerusalem, Ramat Gan

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