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| To build something to guard us from problems from above

Hanni Harel    
Tuesday, 16 April 10:05 AM
I will explain. We have a neighbor right above us and he causes us so much trouble. This morning he was pouring water on our merpeset from his. I told him to stop but he does not care. He does what he wants and I am tired of him trashing our merpeset. My cat likes to be out there.
Is there someone that when we do not have the succa can build or do something out there so he cannot pour water on our merpeset or trash it with his stuff. He has plants and when he waters them without a thought to us it comes down on our merpeset. He will not listen so can someone help me with that problem so when my cat is out there I do not have to worry. I know this may be farfetched but I need help. He is not someone that you can talk to and he will act fine. He does what he wants whenever he wants. Please contact me at:
Thank you.

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