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| Teach English Online - make $18-$26/hour!

Ellen Tarnapolsky     Remote
Friday, 13 September 7:35 AM
Want to teach English online with the TOP ESL companies to kids in China? No lesson planning, make your own schedule, work as much or as little as you want, and have fun!

- MUST be a native speaker from the U.S. or Canada - NO EXCEPTIONS!
- MUST hold a bachelor's degree or be in the process of obtaining one. 
- At least one year of teaching experience required - does not need to be in a traditional school setting. Tutoring, working in a gan, or giving any type of lessons is considered teaching experience. GOGOKID and VIPKID will accept coaching as teaching experience. Magic Ears will not. They want to see one year of real teaching experience. 

**I highly recommend contacting me directly before applying, as I offer one-on-one coaching to get you through the hiring process. Both of these companies have very specific hiring requirements, and you must be prepared for the interview, and it is best to go through the process with a mentor. **

If you do decide to apply on your own:
- It will ask you for your nationality - Only U.S. or Cananda will be accepted - you can put Israel as your country of residence - not nationality!
- Only at least 1 year teaching experience will be accepted on the application.
- Any other answer will auto-reject your application

**All companies require a TEFL certificate. For VIPKID, you can get a "VIPKID" TEFL certificate through them once you are hired, but it is not recognized by any other company. 

**For GOGOKID and Magic Ears, you need an external TEFL certificate, which you can get quickly and easily here:

If you apply and experience any issues, or have any questions and need support, please contact me directly for assisstance. 

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