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| Nanny for three children in San Simon

Rebecca Brygel     San simon
Monday, 02 September 9:04 PM
We are looking to hire a responsible caregiver to help out with our kids in our San Simon home.

We have three wonderful daughters; 6.5, almost 3 and 1.5 years old. 

The hours are 3 -7pm, Sunday - Thursday.  

We will usually come home earlier but would still want your help as there is lots to do. Duties vary daily but can include:

Pick up from school and Gan by foot (up to 750 meters away includes crossing a main road)
Playing with our girls / going to the park next door / taking to ballet and swimming chug nearby
Preparing / Giving dinner
Helping with bath and bedtime 
Reading English books
Tidying kitchen after dinner (including loading dishwasher)

If you would like more hours, you could stay later on or come earlier and handle light housework (folding / hanging laundry, putting things away, makolet shopping, running the robot). 

A few other notes about the position you should be aware of:

This is not an "hourly" job. You will receive a monthly salary, plus standard transport fare, and will not work on erev chag or chag. You will also receive sick days and vacation days. 
Payment will be via wire transfer and will include bituach leumi payments. 
The job will continue until at least July 31 2020. (Certainly for the following year if you are the right person and have interest in continuing). 
We cannot accommodate an extended vacation (more than 7 work days at one time), but you can go away several times.

Please whasapp me at 054-6205-636

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