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| Great and Fun Small Web Business for Sale

Zev Stub     Online
Thursday, 19 September 3:21 PM
I recently launched a great website for Jewish videos,, but I'm considering selling it because I have too many other commitments.

This would make a great beginner business, for a first-time entrepreneur or student (or the parents of one). If you have been wanting to break into social media, I think you'd get a better education running this site than investing in a class.

The site is really great. It includes:

- A beautiful design
- A great domain name
- More than 2500 videos already posted, of all types.
- A Facebook page with more than 27,000 likes
- Other social media pages and automation setups for all channels (email, FB, Twitter, Pinterest).
- Mobile app
- Partnerships currently set up with some top players in the Jewish media field
- Already set up for eCommerce (and you can use the products I set up to dropship, if you like)
- And of course, I'll train you how to run everything. And I'll be happy to coach you along the way. I am an experienced web entrepreneur who already sold one business this year There is a lot of knowledge I used building this site that it could take a newbie years to learn. 

Basically, it's a great site, all ready to run. It's very low maintenance, with potential for decent revenue and a lot of fun. You can get started right away.

I'd like to sell for about $15,000. I'd like you to make that in less than a year, while learning a lot about business and running a really fun site that you and your friends will love.

If you have already joined our email list or liked us, don't worry. I'll continue maintaining the site until a sale is completed. I love doing this, I just have too many other commitments.

Email me at


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