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Anglo Media     Jerusalem-Bet Shemesh
Saturday, 26 October 8:10 PM

Division Development Partner
This is not a job, this is an opportunity

Anglo Media acquired Janglo at the beginning of the summer and has implemented new strategies and policies that have already multiplied the corporate revenue. The staff has increased tenfold and continues to grow according to plan. As part of the new growth game plan Janglo has defined the verticals in which it will continue to operate and dominate the market, ie. Real Estate, Jobs, Home Services, Professionals, Events, Restaurants, etc.  Each of these verticals will be an independent but collaborating Janglo division and will have its own identity within Each vertical will be managed by a Division Development Partner whose mission will be to fully grow and manage its division.   


The Division Development Partner is a strategic thought entrepreneur responsible for sales, marketing and general vertical development. He will coordinate between sales, tech and upper management to satisfy the demands and needs of the growing “Anglo” community in Israel in general and those of the massive number of Janglo visitors in particular.


·         Business development through personal prospecting.

·         Creation and management of advertising campaigns.

·         Selection, hiring and training of sales team.

·         Identifying, prioritizing, and closing new clients in order to meet the division's sales revenue and profit targets.

·         Ensures the attainment of new business by employing strategic advertising techniques.

·         Promotes the business/product/services of the division through active representation in industry events, seminars, trade shows, workshops, and meetings with current and potential customers.

·         Effectively manages the division’s sales pipeline and develops a strategy for the long-term sustained success of the business vertical.

·         Creates and continuously improves advertising sales materials, documentation, presentations as well as all of the division’s products

·         Conducts weekly/monthly/quarterly/annual sales pipeline management and forecasting.

·         Maintains excellent relationships with consumers, clients, and collaborating teams.



·         Accomplished and proven track record in B2B sales.

·         Experience in your own business is an added advantage.

·         Capable of thinking on your feet, problem-solving and thriving in a fast-paced environment.

·         No need for supervision.

·         Self-starter, focused, goal oriented, winning attitude.

·         Must have positive and non-conflicting personality.

·         Excellent communication skills, English at mother tongue level and fluent Hebrew.

·         Ability to work alongside with some of the top entrepreneurs in the Anglo community.

 Must have characteristics: 

·         Creativity.

·         Winning attitude.

·         A passionate, self-driven, self-motivated person who has the drive to achieve targets on time.

·         Ability to make independent decisions.

·         “Eight to faint” working schedule.

·         No need or interest in a base salary.

·         Willing to do what it takes to reach and surpass an income of 20-30K per month within a year, based on your division’s revenue.

·         Strong desire to work on a daily basis with some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the country.

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Galil Getaway

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