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For Sale

| furniture for sale: beds, fridge, table chairs, closet, washer, see pictures

Sara Gordon     ramat eshkol
Wednesday, 26 December 9:01 AM

Selling furniture: (located at 8 Yam Suf st) can be taken immediately


for sale: Beautiful mitah yehudit for sale- 2 beds that open for storage, with tufted headboards with crystal accents- gorgeous! I also have excellent quality almost new mattresses that fit the beds I can sell with the bed frames

 if you are interested. Mattresses are a drop wider than 90cm.







Fridge for sale, Sharp brand, only 600 shekel-- price is low due to the fact that it needs a good scrubbing, it has sat in storage and needs to be cleaned. The fridge works well, the freezer is ok but not super powered- it takes a while to freeze things  but is ok. Excuse the poor pictures, its in a machsan without light.







Beautiful super high quality full-wood closet:

Stunning Victorian style closet for sale, 200cm wide. Soft-close doors and drawers, high quality wood, this closet's original price was 8000 shekel.  Excellent condition, very high quality, and stunning!  I'm sad to see it go- it is SO beautiful (selling because it doesn't fit our space).



This closet has been professionally and carefully dismantled and wrapped and is in the machsan at the moment, ready to be moved. I did not take pictures with the doors open, unfortunately- the inside is the same pretty dark wook color, shelves on both right and left side, one top shelf and then a hanging bar in the middle, and we bought an extra shelf for the space under the hanging clothes, which you can use or leave out if you don't need it. You can see this closet  on display for sale at Shulchan Melachim 8000 shekel. Selling for 3000.  

Table: 90 cm wide, 180 cm long. 6 chairs which are sturdy and good and very comfortable, but some of them are a bit torn on the upholstery. Tabletop is covered in black contact paper which is a bit roughed up, so I would suggest replacing for new contact paper if you care what the tabletop looks like. Price dropped because I need it out immediately and condition is not excellent, but with a tablecloth its fine. Price negotiable.


Leather 2+3 seater sofa set- super comfortable!! Good couches in used condition- there are rips on 3-seater under the arms- see pics. 

Selling 2-seater for 1300 shekel, 3-seater for 1100 shekel, or both together for 1800 shekel!!! 

email if interested











Washing machine, Bosch brand, 5 years old, size is 6 kilo, works excellently. 650 shekel. Located in maalot dafna.



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