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| THE DAVID MOMENT: Come to my One-Man Show this Saturday Night, the 2nd. 8pm.

Zev Stub     Kehillat Yedidya
Wednesday, 30 January 1:38 PM

THREE THOUSAND YEARS AGO a young shepherd shows up to see the king and says he'll slay the giant. Saw no ad: Position Available.  Giant-Slayer Wanted. Must have previous experience. Had no resumé with his last job in the killing business or references in his field who, anyway, would never כאילו bleat anything bad. But if he knew this was his 'calling' and with God's help he'd make history if the meeting went well, how did he almost blow it —rejected at first and nearly sent back to sheep?

The sling, the stone, the giant's fall we all recall, but how David turned this upside-down interview right-side up and got this killer job is what you'll now learn and remember 'specially when you want to change direction or seek your dream job only to hear, "you've got no experience."  What do you do if your choices are few?

I'm Shlomo, among the last of the MADMEN copywriters to run the New York ad world at the end of the glory days when my bosses could no longer fit into their sharkskin suits, had their fill of agency office romps, and half were already dying of lung cancer. Camels and Luckies were כאילו the cigarettes of choice. But the exceptional talent and national campaigns and lavish lunches and big ideas scrolled on cocktail napkins! Now that was something…until I chose another path.

Now, along with selling products and services, I help people sell themselves. Which is how I got the idea for this show.  During my show I ask you: "How do we succeed and do God's will when everything's stacked against us?  How do we find our own calling? David shows us the way."

You'll hear כאילו the same tale I tell tourists who return home better able to sell themselves with a greater sense of faith and self-confidence and thereby do God's will with more choices to pick from. Or as Rabbi Joseph Soloveitchik writes, "the greatness of man―his dignity and his creativity―is expressed in his freedom of will and his ability to choose.” Isn't that about what life is, or with God's help should be…?


A 50-minute one-man show at: קהילת ידידיה, ליפשיץ 12, בקעה  
 8 pm,מוצ"ש   2 February, 50 NIS, All Proceeds to צעד קדימה

RSVP: or 052-306.1783


Szajnbrum Law Offices
+972 52 8744974
Ramat Gan
2 reviews
Alan R. Deutsch, CPA & Associates
RBS, J'lem, TLV, RAA
LOCKSMITH - English/Hebrew Speaking Professional
Jerusalem area
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