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| Historical Fiction Writing Workshop

Nadia Jacobson     Talbiye
Monday, 27 May 2:57 PM

Making History: How To Write Historical Fiction
with award-winning author, Janice Weizman
May 30, 09:30-15:00

Whether it's second-temple Jerusalem, the French Revolution or London in the swinging sixties, if you feel an urge to write a historical novel, then clearly a particular time and place in history have charged your imagination. But configuring the plot is only the first step. Good historical fiction captures the authentic feel of life, not just the physical details, but the way people spoke, loved, worked, and dreamed. It addresses questions such as: What did people of the time believe about the world? What limited them? What frightened them? What gave them hope?

​In this workshop, we’ll talk about how you can work towards really getting inside your chosen time period. We’ll explore not only how to get the sights and sounds right, but also how to create an accurate psychological picture of the people you’re writing about – one that draws readers in and intrigues them as much as it has you. And we’ll discuss issues of story – how to craft an imagined narrative while remaining true to what is essential about your chosen setting, and showing how the life and times of your characters makes them the people they are.

Register here:

Date: May 30
Time: 09:30-15:00
Location: Talbiye

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