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| Story Foundations Writing Workshop

Nadia Jacobson     Talbiye
Monday, 15 April 10:26 AM

WriteSpace Jerusalem presents...


Prose Writing Workshop
(starts in May)

Everyone has a story to tell … 

now is the time to write it

Break through “writer’s block"
​Keep the inner critic at bay
Give oxygen to the part of you that wants to write

There are many reasons why people who love writing or used to love writing stop. For some, it's making a living or raising a family - they'll write when they have more time. For others, an unkind comment or invasion of privacy causes them to fall silent. Yet others write for a living - many of our participants are academics, marketers, and journalists - but when they try to write creatively,  they're scared, feel an impostor or find they have nothing to say.

Nadia Jacobson and Batnadiv HaKarmi - both experienced writers, editors, and teachers - have combined their strengths to create a workshop for memoir and fiction writers who want to write regularly and improve their writing exponentially. Each week, participants will hone specific skills through readings, discussion, in-class writing exercises, and share work-in-progress. There'll also be the chance to submit an edited piece for feedback. 

Over the course of this ten-week series, you'll dedicate time and space to learning the craft of writing, nurturing your writing style, and letting your stories emerge. Each week, you'll experiment with character development, point of view, setting, dialogue, story arc, narrative time, rhythm and narrative pace in a supportive environment geared to help you grow as a writer.

"Most people die with their music still locked up inside them," Benjamin Disraeli is quoted as saying. Let that not be our tragedy. 

For more information and to see if this workshop is right for you, click here:


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