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| Sci-fi, fantasy, and comic books for sale in the German Colony

Arye     German Colony
Thursday, 23 May 10:35 AM
Beginning Sunday, May 12th: The (1st for 2019) bi-annual massive second hand book sale in the German Colony (free entry). This is part one: Only sci-fi, fantasy and comics! Over 1300 books and comics in English and Hebrew in great condition, at excellent prices (details below)! Please share this post (don't just like it), invite and tag friends. Part two of the sale is all the other genres, and will begin shortly after part 1 is finished. Ill post about part 2 when relevant. 
This sale will run till May 23rd. There are no set hours. You'll need to confirm with me first before coming over. No need to worry that all the good things will run out quickly, as they are ALL good and there is plenty for everyone. 
Most novels are 15-20 shekel. Most individual comic issues are 10. Graphic novels (TPBs) run 15-70. Lots of books and comics are brand new or in like new condition.
You can also ask to be added to the sale email list to get notifications only of this sale. Keep in mind that this is NOT a book-swap, though if you have good condition fantasy, sc-fi or comics, you might be able to get credit towards the sale. PM me to check and to set a time to browse. Please join this group to see more details and stay updated:

Please message me on FB or email me to set a time to browse:

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