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| Second hand book sale in the German Colony- Part 2

Arye     German Colony
Monday, 17 June 9:52 PM

Part 2 of the sale is finally here, and it is the biggest yet! I doubt it can get much bigger as the apartment is stuffed to the gills with a mind boggling selection! So many new books have come in. 
    *UPDATE- The Bi-Annual German Colony Second-Hand Book Sale Part 2 has been extended till June 21at, and possibly till the week after due to demand. Over 3000 books in great condition at excellent prices! The adult fiction is all in English, but there is a large selection of children's/teens books  in both English and Hebrew. There are also a nice selection of seforim and Jewish books in English and Hebrew.

    To set a time to browse please email me:
   Come browse- there is something for everyone: Fiction and non-fiction (the largest I've ever had), children's books, Judaica, thrillers, romance, Historical/law/medical fiction, drama, action, cookbooks, history, and more!

   Most novels are 15-20 shekel. Most Non-fiction is 20-35. Most Children's books are 5-25.

This is the BEST Jerusalem book sale! High quality books of the hottest authors today! An amazing selection of older and newer books. About 30% are first hand! 
   Keep in mind that this is NOT a book-swap, though if you have good condition fantasy, sc-fi or comics, you might be able to get credit towards the sale (Sorry, I only take those genres for credit, even though they are only sold in part 1). Just email or write a message on Facebook to see if Ill accept what you have.

When: No set days or hours for the duration of the sale, just email or write on FB to set up a time to browse. Please do not do so several days ahead of time, rather ask the day of (or the day before at most, and Ill ask you to confirm again anyway about an hour/half hour before you come). 
Where: German Colony- Contact me for full info.

You can check out the Facebook group for more details and pictures: Jerusalem Annual Books and Comics Sale!

You can ask to be added to the sale email list to get notifications only of this sale. 

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