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| Breakthrough workshop - free intro. this Thurs.

Chaim     Arzei Habira
Monday, 24 June 5:21 PM
Breaktrhrough - The 40-day challenge.
Led by: R' Chaim Silverstone
Haskamos from R' Yitzchok breidowitz & R' Elozor Barklay

You Will:
• Identify and target what’s holding you back and overcome your setbacks.
• Transform your goals into commitments and create consistency in your growth. 
• Achieve peace of mind, acceptance, and energy in your life. 
 • Build confidence in all your social interactions.

Included in this Course:
• A personal meeting to plan your personal 40-day challenge. 
• 6 weekly group meetings for support and to learn power tools for life. 
• A daily sponsor to work with through your challenge. 
• YOUR breakthrough!

Free intro 9:00pm, Thurs. June 27th. (25th of Sivan) 
Together with R' Yom tov Glaser
Dushinsky hall, 52 Shmuel Hanavi St. 
Chulent will be served!

For more info please call 058-725-0662 or email


“Rabbi Silverstone’s program breakthrough helped me in many ways not just my specific problem. He gives you clarity in multiple life problems you might have or might will have. I want to thank the rabbi so much for all the  help he did for me and all the boys thank you!”.

-David Harary

“The 40-day challenge was a huge game-changer for me! I didn't come with big, noticeable, urgent issues to address, just a sense that I needed and could be doing more. I lacked clarity of thought and was weighed down by the regular concerns that people have.

I ha
d spent about 2 and a half years learning Torah before I started and many of the ideas and techniques used in the challenge were familiar to me. At the same time, I have never seen them delivered in a quick and effective way to change the way I viewed my thoughts and challenges. It helped me organize my thoughts and be in control. Chaim was and is a caring mentor to whom I owe a great deal of gratitude.

I couldn't recommend the challenge more highly to people of all ages, levels of learning or background.

It was a huge favor to myself and a gateway to responsibility and happiness”.

-Eliyahu Korn

I'd like to share the experience I had after doing a breakthrough challenge for 40 days.  I've been in the process of selling my apartment in order to buy a different one in a better location for over a year and nothing was moving.  I kept on getting stuck over all kinds of little things.  My wife was really getting frustrated and so was I!

Since starting the challenge, I've spoken to a rosh yeshiva to get guidance on how to do it multiple times.  Having now the clarity of what I'm looking for and how to work it out financially, I now have a buyer for my apartment and a new apartment and I"yh will be signing on both in the coming days...

Getting to this point was really difficult and participating in this challenge really made a big difference.


Thank you.  

-Tzvi Kaufman


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