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Sidney Vanton     Center
Thursday, 11 July 1:22 PM

The Israel Center is pleased to offer the following very special video presentations — AT NO CHARGE! Israel Center, 22 Keren HaYesod St; 560-9100


Mon, July 15 - 2:00 - Main Hall - "SINGLE JEWISH MALE” (2017) - The shidduch process - An intense look at shidduchim by four Orthodox men who share their experiences and challenges in shidduchim. Addresses the issues: What’s wrong with the shidduch world, the pain of being single and much more. Film has been screened in numerous venues with highly positive response. BONUS: The filmmaker and one or more of the men in the film will be present to discuss the documentary. (film w/Hebrew subtitles: 1 hr plus discussion)

Tues, July 16 - 2:00 - Main Hall - "UNLIKELY HEROES” - Documentary on extraordinary Jews who fought back against the Nazis - men and women who exhibited courage and heroism beyond one’s imagination. (2 hrs)

Sponsored by a very generous supporter of the JewishVideo program in loving memory of her Father and her two Sons

Wed, July 17 - 2:00 - Main Hall - "THE LITTLE TRAITOR” (2007) - Jerusalem 1947: a young boy plots anti-British resistance with friends; his father is in the Underground. But he develops a friendship with a Judeophilic British soldier. He is ostracized, suspected. A beautiful, heartwarming film about genuine warmth between people. Filmed in Jerusalem. Loved by JewishVideo staff and audience! CAVEAT: There is some conversation between boys IN HEBREW WITH NO SUBTITLES. One’s inability to understand it will not hinder one’s appreciating this endearing film. (In English with Hebrew subtitles-1½ hrs)

Sponsored by Itzhak and Yehudit Kotler Leilui Nishmat her Mother, Sara Chaya bat R' Shneir Isaac HaCohen and her Father R' Refoel ben HaRav Yehuda Braver


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