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Sidney Vanton     Center
Sunday, 27 October 2:58 AM

The Israel Center is pleased to offer the following very special video presentations — AT NO CHARGE! Israel Center, 22 Keren HaYesod St; 560-9100




Mon, Oct 28 - 2:00 - Main Hall - The Story of the Jews (2014) - First time showing - Award winning historian Simon Schama explores the Jewish experience from Biblical times to the present in this splendid multi-part documentary. Part 3: How the Enlightenment brought the ghetto walls crashing down and how this integration ultimately stirred up old prejudices. Part 4: How Eastern European Jewish culture made its mark across the world, from Soviet politics to Hollywood cinema. This is SUPERB history—very special, most particularly the history of Jews coming to America, making their way and influencing and determining so much of American culture and society. Parts 1 & 2 were LOVED by our audience. Caveat: Some viewers may not concur with all of the content. (English-English subtitles/2 hrs total)

Sponsored by Leah Raizel Goldstein in honor of her Parents, Yaffa and Menachem Mendel Goldstein, on her Father's 46th Yahrzeit


Tues, Oct 29 - 2:00 - Main Hall - The Ark of Noah (1975) - Is the story of Noah's Ark historical or allegorical? Was there really an ark and, if so, do remnants of it remain? Documentary on some of the archeological expeditions that attempted to answer these questions. Fascinating look at this longtime quest. (1½ hrs)

Sponsored by Roberta I. Cohen and Cecile Cohen in honor of the birthday/84th anniversary of the bar mitzvah of their brother, Norman "Buddy Cohen", a proud veteran of World War II


Wed, Oct 30 - 2:00 - Main Hall - “Yaakov Shwekey - Live in Israel!” (2013) - The dynamic singer with the magnificent voice, high energy and boundless emotion performs 16 songs including his hits. (1¾ hrs)

Sponsored anonymously by a generous supporter of the JewishVideo program in honor of BALFOUR DAY


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