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| Comedy: New Comedians Showcase- Sunday, January 12

Zev Stub     King Solomon Hotel
Tuesday, 07 January 1:21 PM
Sunday- January 12 @ 8pm
Off The Wall Comedy Theater English Presents:
New Comedians Showcase
Starring: Dadi 'The Surfer' Gal, Aaron Amihud, Doug Goldstein, Sarah Kornbleuth and Yael Unterman
The new comedians of Jerusalem take the stage with a seasoned Israeli vet. Come out and see these unique talents, as they get started in the stand-up career.
Dadi 'The Surfer' Gal A survivor on stage with a unique show, combining genuineness and stupidity together. Dadi takes you into his world, which is your world, and surprises the audience time and time again. A mainstay in Israeli comedy TV, you might have seen Dadi on Comedy Bar, The Club, Paula and Leon, Beep Comedy Bar...
Aaron Amihud An old Oleh, Aaron moved to Israel 20 years ago. Come and listen to how much he hasn't accomplished.
Doug Goldstein an American investment advisor who got lost on his way to Wall Street and ended up in Jerusalem, brings non-stop fun when his wife lets him out at night. You may know him from The Jerusalem Post and the podcast “The Goldstein On Gelt Show.” No one can promise to make you rich, but for sure he’ll make you laugh!
Yael Unterman does Torah Pandora. After lecturing internationally for fifteen years, publishing two books, performing her solo show and becoming a life coach, Yael is finally trying her hand at comedy. Mixing her knowledge, Torah and comedy, if she falls flat on her face, she can always write a book about it.
Sarah Kornbleuth recent Olah from Detroit, brings you into her life as an accountant with her observational style.
*Lineup may change and other comedians may be added. 
*Doors open at 7:30pm for food and drink orders.
*Family Friendly stand-up, for those who are allowed to stay out past 10pm.
Entrance: 55nis- includes 10nis discount on first drink
Location: King Solomon Hotel - 32 King David St. (corner of Keren HaYesod St.- club is on level R)

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