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| Intuitive Eating Support Group - 1st session- Mon. Mar. 23

Laurie Duitch     Rechavia
Thursday, 12 March 8:30 PM

My name is Laurie Duitch and I am a dietitian, mindful eating instructor and a certified Intuitive Eating counselor.  I facilitate a support group for men and women who desire to heal their relationship with food using the 10  powerful principles of Intuitive Eating.  

The  principles of Intuitive Eating are a guide for giving up dieting and  the obsession with the goal of attaining the perfect body, and embracing our innate ability to take care of our mental and physical health by listening to the wisdom within.  Mindfulness practices,  which encourage a non-judgmental awareness are an effective way to access this body wisdom, cope with emotions and reduce stress, are primary tools for Intuitive Eating.  The whole process is compassionate and empowering and I can’t wait to share it with you!

I have posted  memes and information about each of the 10 principles on my Facebook page: "Mindful Eating Israel".  Check that out if you are interested in learning more about Intuitive Eating.

The Intuitive Eating support group meets Monday evenings from 6:45-8:00 pm in Rechavia.    The link to the event on Facebook is:  

If you have questions or you want more information about the group, I can be reached at or at 0525714980.

Villa Bagalil
052-687-1123 ; 02-930-9785

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