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| MONDAY MORNING Job Seeker Meetup

Janglo News     City Center
Thursday, 02 July 12:55 PM
Having trouble finding a job? Join us on Monday 6 July at 10:00 AM for a Job-Seeker Meetup in Jerusalem.
Unsure? Here are some reasons to take part in a job-seeker meetup.
* Go outside and get some fresh air (located in a large courtyard so keeping a safe distance is possible)
* Have a productive reason to take a break from your job search
* Meet new people that are in a similar situation
* Get different ideas of how to use your skills
* Get your creative juices flowing
* Get encouragement during a rough time
* Decrease depressive thoughts which are common with unemployed people
* Get a push to go out and get a job or create one
* Get ideas about what to do now before you go back to work
* Understand that you are not alone
* Get FREE feedback on resumes and cover letters and preparation for interviews
* Learn about resources you may not have known about
* Feel good about yourself for helping others
If any of that appeals to you, we will be happy to see you at 10:00 AM on Monday 6 July.
In the Even Israel courtyard between Jaffa Street and Agripas Street (close to King George Street).
From Agripas 14 , just walk through the "Haim Elboher Alley."
From Jaffa Street turn on Mashiyah Barokhof Street. There is a path just across from the Achdut YIsrael Synagogue. (Mashiyah Barokhof Street is home to Holzer Second Hand Books, and was home to Nagila Vegan Restaurant.)


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