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| The Hachnasat Orchim Project needs YOU! Start Afresh in 5778!    
Friday, 13 July 2:52 PM

The Chava Schwartz Memorial Hachnasat Orchim Project of Nachlaot needs YOU! 

Who are "YOU"?

YOU are a family, couple or single who would love to HOST some wonderful guests at your Shabbat table on most Shabbatot, religiously observant (Shomer Shabbat and Kashrut), preferably age 30's on up, living in Nachlaot or within a 15-20 minute walk from it.

YOU are single, divorced, widowed or married, age at least 30, seeking a place as a GUEST at someone's Shabbat table, religiously observant, living in Nachlaot or vicinity and don't mind walking a reasonable distance to a meal.

If you fit either or both of these categories - please don't hesitate! Email me at right away with your details! The project is particularly urgently in need of new hosts in the area, and could use a few more new faces among the guests, too!

Here's your golden opportunity to do a huge mitzva for some lonely, high-quality people in the neighborhood! Remember that without hosts for guests or guests for hosts, there is no hospitality!

Anxiously awaiting your positive response!

Kol tuv,

Dina Moskowitz

(Founder and Coordinator, The Chava Schwartz Memorial Hachnasat Orchim Project)

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