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| Needing Computer Graphic Tablet for Professional Work

Monday, 03 February 6:49 PM

Shalom friends

My wife is an author and artist (amongst other things). She has currently published two professional books, "Healing Your Life Through Activity - An Occupational Therapist's Story" and "Tuvia Finds His Freedom" - a book for children teaching the beautiful values of caring for animals (also translated into Hebrew). These three books are available on Amazon and other online bookstores for those who wish to see.

She is currently involved in preparing a series of additional books and workbooks for children to help them through the many phases of life.

She is in urgent need of obtaining a professional Wacom Tablet to allow her the freedom to be able to draw according to the standard professional format that designers use today. This will give her the flexibility to be able to prepare her professional work for publication so that her books really sparkle with life. It is becoming taxing to have to deal with the manual scanning of hand-drawn pictures and then being unable to resize them and customise them when this is needed.

Though we have a computer, it is also at its end (low storage, slowing down etc.), and she is really also in need of a computer to be able to handle the load that graphic design and publishing require.

If you are able to assist her to obtain these much-needed pieces of equipment or know somebody who can help, please would you be in touch with us. My contact number is 058-767-7073 and any financial assistance towards this goal will be greatly appreciated.

For those who would like to see more of what she does and be able to contribute online, you can also do so by supporting her to attain her goals and projects on her Patreon page:

For more on her general work testifying to her quality of work etc. see her main site 

Thank you for your consideration



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