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| Sofer In Need of Proper Sofer Table

Wednesday, 16 January 12:32 PM

Shalom friends

I am a qualified Sofer (see Mezuzah and Megillah pic). I write on a Shtender because I cannot afford a proper table. Though my writing is 100% kosher, it is uncomfortable for me to write on the Shtender for a variety of reasons - mostly of the ergonomic kind. I can ask for a carpenter to build me a table but all things being equal, I will end up with a bill that will be at least what a proper table will cost. I just don't have the funds to purchase a proper table, and finding it impossible to continue my writing as it is - let alone being able to continue studying (paying for tuition) to get my writing to a more beautiful level, I am thinking of giving up. 

I am asking for anyone who is able to, to help me to be able to purchase a proper table as can be seen in the photograph. For more information, please email me if you can help.

 I run a website for those able to become members to help support my work and it is also a way of subsidizing this table for me. 

Thank you



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