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| Midrash Shmuel is not just a Yeshiva. It is a home.

elise brodersen    
Tuesday, 14 May 2:04 AM


Dear Friends,


Yeshiva education is essential for a Ben Torah’s daily living, as it is the foundation for a person’s way of living a Torah lifestyle. Mesorah is absolutely indispensable, as it guarantees the authentic and proper way a Jew should live.

But it is also very important to enjoy and take in the pleasure of growing in a Yeshiva. Because that way, a person can truly absorb the Mesorah, the tradition, which was passed down from Moshe Rabbeinu who received the Torah at Mount Sinai until today.

We all love our children. We all want them to grow to become better people and for them to be taken care of.

To quote one parent:  


     “You have touched the heart of my child and this is priceless I extend my deepest gratitude to your entire team and to HaRav Moskovitz.”

Midrash Shmuel, located in Jerusalem, isn't just a Yeshiva, it is a home. A home surrounded by loving Rebeim and bachurim. Rebeim with experience as to understanding what a bachur needs to grow and to become happy in life.  

Donate today to touch another bachur’s heart.

Any amount- even the slightest-makes a difference. Take a look


To donate go to


Shmuel Brodersen


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