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| Help with a disabled woman who has no money for a careworker

Zvi Lando    
Wednesday, 22 May 8:59 AM
Hi everyone,
I am writing to you all in hopes that someone will have an idea of what can be done: I want to help a woman who lived and worked many years here in Israel, and had to move back to the US. She has just made Aliya and that, in addition to other things, she has MS (with brain fog that makes her functioning very challenging) and a serious breathing condition. At the moment she can barely walk. In spite of all that, she fell between the cracks in the Bituach Leumi system and, until now, and in spite the fact that she worked here for 20 years, the state does not recognize her as disabled (bc she got sick abroad). In addition, she does not have a penny. The story is much more complicated and difficult. She mainly needs personal help at home... (unpack her boxes, take her corset off so that she can shower, sometimes to send a fax, really simple things for someone who is healthy, a couple of hours a day.  Where to turn to? Is someone out there willing to volunteer a couple of hours a week now and then, to help her cope a morning or 2? It breaks your heart.
Please contact me: Shulamit Lando 0544 868739


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