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| Hachnasat Kallah Opportunity

Oshrat Levy    
Monday, 27 May 1:58 PM
I personally know a couple that is getting married and they can't cover any expenses of the wedding. Both the choson and Kallah come from homes that can't afford to marry them off. My sister in law and I have taken upon ourselves to try and raise money for this couple to start off their Bayis Ne'eman BYisrael. If you could please share whatever you can - this is a verified need.
Hachnosas Kallah is one of the greatest forms of Tzedakah, as the Shulchon Aruch writes there is no greater Tzedakah. גבאי צדקה שיש בידם עות צדקה ישיאו בהם בתולות עניותת שאין צדקה גדולה מזומ
(שו"ע יו"ד ס' רמ"ט,י:ד)
Tizku lmitzvos - thank you so much
With Hashem's help may each Kalla, and everyone in Klal Yisrael, have what they need without the stress of financial burdens. And may we share in only simchas.

In Israel, money can be sent to: Oshrat Levy 
                                                  115 Ma'agalei Harim Levine
                                                  Knisa A, Apt 5
                                                  or call 0533149462 (leave a message) to arrange a pick up
In the US, your TAX DEDUCTIBLE donation can be sent to:
                                                     Beis Medrash Kerem Shlomo
                                                     1661 E 31st Street
                                                      Brookyn, NY 11234

Thank you again!

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