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| Chaya Malka Burn Foundation to Donate 100% of Funds Raised for Fire Victims

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Thursday, 30 May 2:20 PM

The Chaya Malka Burn Foundation to Donate 100% of Funds Raised for Fire Victims
                   Flames Cannot Destroy the Soul of Moshav Mevo Modi’im and Surrounding Areas

Despite a raging inferno devouring their homes on Lag B’Omer, its residents are valiantly rising up and making plans for re-building.

20 people were taken to hospitals to be treated for smoke inhalation from the flames that engulfed the beautiful and love-filled moshav created by Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach Z’tl in 1976. Consisting of his followers, they are the arts and crafts professionals, restaurant owners, business people, farmers, musicians and more.

Imagine: Besides watching your home go up in flames, just dare to picture losing your clothes, electronics, cars, priceless pictures, heirlooms, important papers, furniture and everything else!

Initially blamed on faulty electric wires, arson has been pinpointed as the true cause. International fire fighters joined Israel’s aerial and ground forces in a massive effort to save whatever possible. 5 out of 60 houses survived. All the rest were destroyed and all residents and animals were evacuated in time, according to Alon Teeger, Chairman of the Carlebach Foundation and Senior Member of the Moshav Vaad – Council.

Resident Avraham Sand stated that 20% of the residents are staying at Yishuv Yad Binyamin. Others are scattered around, taking refuge wherever possible, no doubt suffering horribly from the shock of their reality. He said that it could be six months before any of them can return to their homes that remain. There is no power or water and the entire infrastructure needs replacement. Their temporary living quarters are just that. Future dwelling is uncertain.

Avraham said: “Those who lost everything are on the highest level of faith, the heart and soul of our community. We are in this together, as one big family to rebuild our lives. I just know in my heart that we are going to make it.”

Please, help rebuild their lives! While household goods have arrived from all over the world, their immediate need is for money right now!  100% of your contributions will go to help them.  We will be coordinating closely with the heads of their communities.

Join CMBF now by donating generously to help these victims rise up out of the ashes.

Sending all my love and appreciation for your kindness in responding to this urgent plea.

Chaya Malka


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