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| Help for Single Moms from Moshav Moddim- Fires destroyed everything

Thursday, 06 June 12:14 PM

The Moshav Mevo Moddim Fire destroyed many homes and families are trying to rebuild.. but for single mothers without a partner with which to face this together, the challenge is is that much harder


They had only a matter of minutes to run from their homes. The woods surrounding their community were ablaze, a fire started by the unusually high temperatures and a downed electrical wire. These two young moms, who have 2 and 4 children respectively, grabbed their babies and ran. They escaped with their children to a neighboring village where they huddled together in shock and disbelief. Sirens from fire trucks racing down the roads and the chilling crackling noise that one hears when buildings are on fire and breaking apart echoed in their ears as their children fell asleep in their laps.

It may sound like a story from a TV drama or maybe an excerpt from a thriller, but unfortunately, the above situation happened, in real life, here in Israel. The two women of lost everything. The physical structures of their homes were burned, there was no usable furniture, clothing, toys, books, personal items left behind. Under any circumstances, a fire that destroys a home is utterly devastating, but for these two women- Chetzi Gilmore and Shira Shapiro- who are single moms, raising kids on their own, the loss is unfathomable.

We all know that raising kids is challenging and can comprehend or even relate to the idea that raising kids as a single parent increases those challenges tenfold. Now picture trying to rebuild your home and your life, taking care of young children and their needs while all on your own. Assistance from the community is helping out Shira and Chetzi but at this stage, they really need a fresh start and a large financial boost to help them get their lives back in order.

A Charidy fundraising page was started in the hopes of collecting funds for these two single moms, who lost everything in a terrible fire and now face the task of building a life from scratch for themselves and their children. Many stories that are associated with funding campaigns seem distant and hard to relate to. I humbly suggest you take a look at Shira and Cheftzi's story and donate. They are moms raising kids and trying to make it in Israel- similar to you or someone you know. Even a small amount will be helpful in reaching the fundraising goal.

Thank you for taking the time to read this - please donate if you can and share! 


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