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| Latet Launches New Fundraiser to Aid Impoverished Holocaust Survivors

Zev Stub    
Tuesday, 02 July 12:24 PM

Latet Israeli Humanitarian Aid, an Israeli nonprofit organization, has just launched a new fundraising campaign to raise $80,000 to support its efforts to provide lives of dignity to 80 Holocaust survivors this summer. Donations collected as a part of this campaign will go to the emergency fund of the Aid for Life program. The emergency fund allows impoverished survivors to enjoy wraparound services that they otherwise would not be able to afford or attain such as dental care, eyeglasses and home repairs.

Latet was founded in 1996 by Gilles Darmon – a new immigrant from France – to help those he saw falling through the gaps in the Israeli social welfare system. To that end, Latet acts as an umbrella organization and provides for the basic needs of populations living in poverty and food insecurity, giving monthly food assistance to over 200,000 children, families, and elderly. Their Aid for Life  program – under whose umbrella the emergency fund, the object of the fundraising campaign, falls – directly supports 1,120 impoverished survivors maintain their dignity as they age.

Right now, Latet is raising for its Aid for Life emergency fund because of the unprecedented magnitude of requests for services it has received, the carrying out of which has already consumed a good deal of currently allocated funds. Without additional support, Latet will not be able to respond any further requests this year. "We only have a few years left to help the last witnesses of our History spend the rest of their lives with dignity." says Darmon, the founder and president of Latet. "At Latet, we believe in the power of community and this is why we are reaching out to the large public to join us in our efforts. To the survivors receiving our help, it sends a strong message that they have not been forgotten." 

  One in four survivors in Israel lives below the poverty line, meaning most simply that they live in a state of want. Some lack for sufficient and nutritious food, others adequate and durable shelter, and still more lack for both – not to mention those who cannot receive the health care they need. Worsening the tragedy of this situation still more is that even when many survivors are eligible for state assistance in achieving these things, they cannot access that assistance because of mobility limitations or other encumbrances.

Since 2007, Latet has been combating this state of affairs by actively going out and making contact with struggling survivors to directly help them with whatever issues they may be facing. The emergency fund is an incredibly important part of this effort. Since 2008, it has enabled to provide 14,280 items and renovate 1,550 apartments. Because of its inherent flexibility, the assistance that the emergency fund provides can be what lifts up the life of a survivor from one of mere subsistence to one of real dignity. 

From the pair of eyeglasses that encourages a survivor to regain the confidence to start getting out again to the home modification that allows for another survivor to be able to simply move about their own home again, the good that comes from the emergency fund is immense. Unfortunately, the resources currently available are not commensurate with the immensity of the good that could be reaped.

For donations:

Donations are tax deductible in the US, UK, Israel and Canada. 

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