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| Urgent Chessed Need: Please help single father and son for Chagim

Sunday, 22 September 5:09 PM
Shalom, Shavua Tov, and Shana Tova to all. May the New Year bring peace to this poor family and to all Am Yisrael!

I have written a few times to the group about a single man and his son alone in Jerusalem in a terrible situation. Please help them get a good start for the New Year.

I can email a letter from Rabbi Berel Wein and other rabbis are also happy to vouch for them and the urgent situation.

Their rental contract finished recently and they needed to pay overdue rent and bills or their landlord would not let them stay in their apartment. They have nowhere to go.and urgently need help to stay in their apartment. They paid part of the overdue rent, but not all, and still owe an old electricity bill with another coming out in the next few days.

The father has no family to help them, and has been raising his boy alone for the past two years since the wife and mother left them. The boy has serious issues and has been seeing various doctors and is now in therapy and in a special school.

The father is exhausted all the time and dealing with his own serious health issues. The stress is killing him. He looks horrible, and everyone that knows him is very worried,

The financial troubles started when the company where the father worked went bankrupt, owing him a very large amount of money He is in serious debt, and has liens and restrictions placed by the court that make it very difficult to function normally (no bank account, credit cards, liens on salary, etc.). He works as hard as he can with these restrictions, but needs urgent help to pay overdue bills, rent and school. He also needs to buy clothes and shoes for his growing son.

This is a very nice man who always helped others, and now desperately needs help.

There are American and Israeli charities accepting donations for them. It is also possible to help through their local grocery store or by bank transfer to friends helping the family.

Please email to me with the donation details if you donate, and also please help us pass this on to any friends and contacts that may be in a position to help.

For USA tax deductible receipts, the Bayswater Neighbors Fund has a website to donate. I will write the link below. If anyone prefers to send a check, please email me and I will send the details.
Right above the SUBMIT button on the donation form is written "My contribution is for:" and then they have a drop-down menu to choose where the donation will go. Important to choose, "Family in Jerusalem", and push Submit button once.

This is very important or they will not know to whom to give the donation. Please also email to me if you donate so we can follow up. 
Here is the link.

For Israel donations/receipts, please see the link below. It is VERY IMPORTANT to write FUND 2110 in the comment box or the donation will not go to the family and to email me if you donate so we can follow up. Here is the link for the Mekimi organization.

Thank you all in advance. Tizku L'Mitzvot.

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