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| Interesting survey on women and stress

rivka levy    
Monday, 04 November 10:09 PM
Hey Janglo ladies,

I'm doing a course at the mo, to try to figure out the best way of marketing my books etc, so people will actually buy them, so that one day I can come within spitting distance of even asking the bank for a mortgate to buy an apartment in Jerusalem.

(I believe in open miracles, what can I do...)

One of the things the course told me to do is create a survey, to 'roadtest' our ideas and to see what people are actually interested in.

The idea is to try to get feedback on the best way to present my information to people in a way that they can actually relate to it....

If you have literally a minute to fill in the survey - which is totally anonymous - I'd be very grateful.

And if there's anyone else you know, who might be interested or happy to fill it, please feel free to pass it on.

Here's the link (it's just a Google Forms survey):

If you have a paranoid streak and want to make sure I'm not some sort of bot, I blog at my website here: - and you can get more background on the survey, and the 'People Smarts' system it's connected to, there.

Thanks so much for helping me out!



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