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Ami Raz     Internet
Thursday, 18 April 8:45 AM



 -- useful if you want to access the Internet on your cellphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer.  It reduces the need for wires and cables.  The amount of radiation involved is negligible according to this article from The Guardian: and this one from How-to-Geek:

Get a Wifi extender if:

1. You are having trouble connecting to the Internet in your Mamad (safe room)

2.  You live in an old Arab house with thick walls

3.  Your WIFI is OK in the living room but not upstairs or downstairs  

My “Short Guide to Improving WiFi Reception” includes information about several different options.  Email me for a FREE copy. 

If you are still worried about Internet radiation, my guide includes how to use your electrical wiring to move your Internet signal from room to room (without radiation).  

Finally, here is a more balanced article from Time about the pros and cons of WiFi:

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